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American Export Assistance

Export Consulting, Development, and Management

We help you reach new customers in new markets!

How We Help You Export

We help you with the three steps necessary for successful exports.

Find Your Markets

We help you find the best export markets for your products, services, and company.

Enter Your Markets

We help you develop the capability to market, sell, and ship to export markets.

Manage Your Exports

We help you market and sell your products and services in your export markets.

Find Your Markets!

Export Consulting Services

Export Strategy

Develop a strategy for what to export where and how, based on your goals, resources, and capabilities, and informed by our data, information, and knowledge.

Market Research

Identify and research the most attractive markets for your products to decide where to focus, whom to target, where to reach them, and what to communicate to them.

Market Entry Strategy

Find the best way to enter your new markets: Alone or partnered? Direct to consumer or through third parties? Bulk or individual shipping?  Export, license, or outsource?

Marketing Strategy

Reach the right people through the right channels with the right message to convert them into customers using global and local tools to get on large and small screens.

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Enter Your Markets!

Export Development Services

Online Presence

For potential international customers to find you and be convinced by what they see, you need an online presence that follows international standards and includes relevant local customization of websites and social media.

Marketing Capabilities

Develop capabilities to market your products to the right people in your new markets through the right channels, which could be anything from brick and mortar to local social media platforms and messaging apps.

Transaction Capabilities

It is no help to be able to market internationally if you can’t sell and get paid. Develop capabilities to sell to international consumers and companies through your website, e-commerce platforms, and trusted third parties.

Legal & Logistics

Make sure your products make it to their destination without costly surprises by taking care of shipping, insurance, taxes, fees, and duties, and making sure everything is legal to export, import, market, and sell.

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Manage Your Exports!

Export Management Services

Marketing Management

Let us take care of all the international marketing work from coming up with concepts and ideas to content generation, translation and management, including all social media listening, sharing, monitoring, and communication.

Advertising Management

Let us take care of creating and targeting ads;  setting up and managing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin; and collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all the valuable data those ads create.

Transaction Management

Let us take care of your export transactions, from large, infrequent transactions with other companies, to high volumes of small e-commerce transactions through your website and third party platforms like Amazon and Alibaba.

Data Analysis

Let us take care of all the valuable data generated by websites, social media, online advertising, and E-commerce, and we’ll collect, analyze, and report it to help you make your decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

Why American Export Assistance

Exporting can be a complicated and confusing process regardless of which countries products are exported to and from. It can also be expensive if something goes wrong, which is not uncommon. Unless you do a lot of exporting it is hard to learn everything you need to get it right, and quite likely not worth it compared to having professionals assist you with it.
American Export Assistance helps you successfully export. We can help you find new customers in new markets; market, sell, and ship your products to them; and get paid from them. We can also manage of the above through our comprehensive export management services.
Relevant qualifications of American Export Assistance team members include licensed customs broker and freight forwarder, certified global business professional, business school professor, intellectual property lawyer and MBA. Contact us today and let us assist you with your exports!


Please contact us here, or by calling +1 504.302.8810. We look forward to hearing from you!